Mvnifest App - Multitenant 3PL SaaS for Orders and Shipping Management

Apr 8, 2022

Industry: 3PL, Logistics
Design and development time: 5 months
Tech maintenance cost: $186 USD/month
Stack: Weweb, Supabase and Fastgen
Integrations: Supabase (Database), Stripe (Payments), Sendgrid (Transactional and marketing emails)


The Mvnifest team were using multiple tools to manage internal operations, and a big portion of the work was translating the long threads of emails into actual orders and advanced shipping notices from their clients.

The first approach with this tool was transforming all the tools into one single tool that also was customer-facing, so they can provide a better experience to their clients and improve the workflow of their operations team.

After we started working on this web app, the Mvnifest team saw a big opportunity on turning this into a SaaS (Software as a service) so we're currently developing this to turn it into a SaaS web app for external users.

Organization selector for multitenant support:

Advanced filters:

Shipping calculator:

Advanced creation with notes, tasks, files and comments support:

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User management with roles and brand selection: